July 18, 2011

Addional info about training camps

The national team of Turkmenistan July 6 broke training camp near Minsk, where he spent two weeks collecting. In addition to sparring with the "junior Belarus," Southerners are
planning to play two test matches - with Zhodzina "Torpedo" (July 16)
and Novopolotsk "Naftan" (July 18).
The first of these fights took place in the home arena of the opponent, the
second - on the basis of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus,
where the national team of Turkmenistan Half live and conduct training.
Actually to call this team the main national team can only with great reserve. And so against opponents of Turkmenistan will not go on the field a few foreign players. Such
as, for example, forwards Artur Gevorgyan of Uzbekistan "Nasaf" and
Vladimir Bayramov of Kazakhstan "Kairat", midfielders Vyacheslav
Krendelev of Russia's "Energy-Beam" and 19-year-old Latvian champion
Ruslan 2010 Mingazov from "Skonto".
Moreover, the team of part of the pilot sample of more than half made up of
players HTTU Ashgabat (the team of the International Turkmen-Turkish
University.) It should be noted that it was her
head and the head coach of the Turkmen Yazkuli Hodzhageldyev, who led
last February and another team.
Curiously, the HTTU eight years of its existence, has won many titles on the
domestic scene (which only has three league titles), and was a
semifinalist, "Commonwealth Cup" -2010. And all would do, lead the team well last year's national championship. But she could not even get up on a pedestal. So
it turns out that the three prize-winners together - a gold "Nebitchi"
silver "Altyn Asyr" and Bronze "Lebap" - delegated to the Belarusian
collecting just one player. As for the current championship, it is compared with the past goes on four, rather than the double round robin system. After the first half of it behind the HTTU "Ashgabat" on two points, but on the head of the standings, "Nebitchi" - by five. And a few more interesting facts. The
main striking force of our guests should be considered forward
Shamuradova Berdy, who six times leading scorer in the national
championship. A year ago, to provide advice to ward Hodzhageldyeva agreed to coach the Russian-born in Ashgabat, "Rubin" Kurban Berdiyev. And in the winter of 2010, the Turkmen, who never went to the World
Championships, and only once got the Asian Cup, were silver medalists
AFC Challenge Cup (Asian Football Confederation) - the second most
important tournament among teams in the region. Now the team is preparing for the AFC Challenge Cup 2012, which won a permit last spring.

TURKMENISTAN national football team camps with 22 player + 7 officials
Rahmanberdy Alikhanov (goalkeeper), 1986 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Maksatmurad Shamuradov (goalkeeper), 1984 - Gol Gohar (Sirjan, Iran)
Gochguli Gochguliev (defender), 1977 - Gara Altyn (Balkanabat)
Khamrayev Murat (defender), 1983 - Almalik (Uzbekistan)
Maksim Belyh (defender), 1984 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Begley Annageldyev (defender), 1984 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Serdar Annaorazov (defender), 1990 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Shohrat Soyunov (defender), 1992 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Bakhtiar Hodzhaahmedov (defender), 1985 - Merv (Mary)
Nazar Choliev (defender), 1986 - Ashgabat
Ahmet Atayev (defender), 1990 - Ashgabat
Guvanch Rejepov (midfielder), 1982 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
David Sarkisov (midfielder), 1982 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Perhat Podarov (midfielder), 1982 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Guvanch Hangeldyev (midfield), 1987 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Dovran Allanazarov (midfielder), 1986 -HTTU (Ashgabat)
Guvanch Abylov (midfielder), 1988 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Arslanmurat Amann (midfield), 1990 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Mammadali Karadanov (forward), 1982 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Gahryminberdy Chonkaev (forward), 1983 - HTTU (Ashgabat)
Berdi Shamuradov (forward), 1982 - Ashgabat
Alexander Boliyan (forward), 1989 - Shagadam (Turkmenbashi)
Head Coach - Yazguli Hojageldiyev BERDIMUHAMEDOVICH (02/27/1976 was)
Coach - Begench Garayev AYMAMEDOVICH (05/05/1982 was)
Captain - Gochguli Gochguliev

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