June 14, 2012

postponed matches

Due to Turkmenistan U-22 team will participate in 2013 AFC U-23 Championships Qualification in Oman, HTTU  and Ashgabat matches of 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th rounds postponed to later date, that will be announced soon. According to Turkmen Football Federation, if more than 3 players plays for national team, then that team can postpone their matches. Ashgabat and HTTU each have 6 players in U-22 team.

postponed matches:
15th round:
Merw - Ashgabat
Shagadam - HTTU
16th round:
HTTU - Altyn Asyr
Ashgabat - Shagadam
17th round:
Altyn Asyr - Ashgabat
Lebap - HTTU
18th round:
HTTU - Ahal
Ashgabat - Lebap

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